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 Rules of the Spies: Please Read

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Rules of the Spies: Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Spies: Please Read   Rules of the Spies: Please Read Icon_minitimeWed Oct 21, 2009 7:25 pm

These are the main rules of the forum. We ask that you abide by each and every one of them to make sure there are little to no bannings.

Ban Count: 1

1) Do not spam the forum. Doing so will lead to a permanent banning.

2) No epic trolling. Minor trolling is okay, just nothing that would seriously offend the target. Penalty: perma-ban.

3) Hughes is not a Nazi! (it's only on here because Tynan is in denile.)

4) Vulgarity: I don't CARE anymore. I REALLY don't. Just remember if I get sued I'm coming for your blood.

5) No 1337, it just frustrates everyone.

6) No god modding!!!! Applies to RP only.

7) Hughes is not a Nazi.

Cool The Rules are subject to update and change at anytime. Be sure to check them from time to time.

9) All Moderators MUST consult an Admin before making a major decision to change the forum. If you have a problem with another Mod, come and speak to me.

10) No Hentai or any other 18+ content.

11) Swearing in avatars is allowed, just keep it down.

12) Keep your signature to a certain size. Use you're best judgment on this. I will place an example, and that should be the longest it should ever get.

13) If the forum is going through a period of postlessness you are responsible for bumping any topics you want to make sure don't get deleted by auto-delete

14) There must be a minimum of 10 posts per day. If this isn't met, the forum will be deleted.

15) H4L is our Troll killer. He is not subject to the Rules. Whatever he does to diffuse a situation will be ignored.

If anyone else has an idea for a rule, please PM myself or Cromwell and it will be posted here.

Remember new Spies: Read the rules first or we will be forced to use things that make people hate us. And I for one enjoy the members not bitching at me every ten seconds ^^
Rules of the Spies: Please Read Halo_signature__best_yet__by_chrisco97-d3077xi
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Rules of the Spies: Please Read
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