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 Caboose is a transformer!?

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PostSubject: Caboose is a transformer!?   Caboose is a transformer!? Icon_minitimeTue Jun 08, 2010 10:29 am

It had been two weeks since the lockdown of Mission City. No one knew what had happened when the gas main blew but it had been bad. The city was now destroyed, condemned beyond all hope of repair. The government was treating it like some kind of relic; a memorial to all who lost their lives in the explosions. But, as I drove down that dark back road on my way back to my friends house after my life being ripped apart. I didn’t care anymore about the memorial or anything. I pulled over to the side of the road, unable to see anything past my tears even with my new glasses. I was rather a pathetic sight, red hair messy from being dragged out of bed at 1 in the morning, eyes bloodshot and ringed with red around green from crying. My pajama’s where a mess since I had been sleeping until 20 minutes ago. I knew that people had it worse off then I, but at that moment I didn’t care about anything other then the fact that I had nowhere to go. I’m pretty sure my anguished crying echoed through the marshes since I had my windows down but all I can remember is the feeling of something hugging me then a smooth, metallic-y voice coming from where my radio was.

“Don’t worry Lilith. Everything will be alright.” Well, of course that surprised me since I didn’t have anyone in my car with me. But when my radio turned on my itself and started playing soothing music from a CD my brother had burned for me I looked around wildly. When I found no one there I shook my head and resigned myself to being crazy. I clicked the button to turn my iPod on through my radio and played a soothing instrumental as I pulled off the side of the road and then pulled onto the main street.

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Caboose is a transformer!?
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